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permitting of reduction.
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Capable of being reduced.
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Capable of being reduced.
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Q. how can i reduce my blood pressure?

A. The main steps in lowering high blood pressure is to take some very important changes in lifestyle- consuming much less salt in food, losing weight and exercising regulary. If this doesn't help (and usually it doesn't help mainly when people don't try hard enought and make an effort), medications can be added to control the blood pressure.

Q. top tratments to reduce arthritis pain

A. here is an "arthritis pain center" could help you alot! it sure helped me:

Q. I am trying my best to reduce my habit towards drugs. I am trying my best to reduce my habit towards drugs. I got many advices to stay away from hard drugs. What's the difference between 'hard' and 'soft' drugs?

A. No difference

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Moreover, in the left reducible matrix (see (12)) we can choose the value of [s.sub.12] so that the condition co deg([a.sub.3] (x) + [s.sub.12][a.sup.2.sub.1](x)[a'.sub.2](x)) > co deg [a.sub.3] is fulfilled.
A dominant characteristic of reducible QED, in the version used here, is that many expressions look familiar from standard QED, except that integrations over the wave vector are missing.
There are several studies on hybrid or modified alkyd systems used in the synthesis of waterborne/water reducible coating systems.
On Arnold's analysis, the content, or what is represented, has no role to play in the causal continuum that is essentially reducible to representations and the awareness of them.
Motivated by this factorization problem the main goal of this paper is to give a factorization in Z[[[chi]]] of certain reducible polynomials whose constant term is of the form [p.sup.w] with p prime and w > 1.
But a mental type is physically reducible only if there is a single physical type that realizes the mental type.
The concept of the reducible element was proposed to describe those redundant covering blocks.
In this respect, belief should not be different from any other psychological phenomenon that is ultimately reducible to the combination of biological and environmental factors that generated it.
Beneficiaries who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid benefits--generally patients in nursing homes along with low-income elderly and disabled patients--account for a disproportionate but reducible amount of spending by the two programs, according to a report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Purpose; Due to an antioxidant substrate, high proportions of reducible disulfide bridges are typically for the viscotoxin 1-PS from Scots Pine (Pinus silvestris L.) mistletoe (Viscum album ssp.
We call this an edge reduction operation in case the resulting graph is a connected cubic graph and then we call the edge e = {x, y} reducible, otherwise irreducible.