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permitting of reduction.


Capable of being reduced.


/re·du·ci·ble/ (re-doo´sĭ-b'l) capable of being reduced.


Capable of being reduced.


permitting of reduction.

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Q. how can i reduce my blood pressure?

A. The main steps in lowering high blood pressure is to take some very important changes in lifestyle- consuming much less salt in food, losing weight and exercising regulary. If this doesn't help (and usually it doesn't help mainly when people don't try hard enought and make an effort), medications can be added to control the blood pressure.

Q. top tratments to reduce arthritis pain

A. here is an "arthritis pain center" could help you alot! it sure helped me:

Q. I am trying my best to reduce my habit towards drugs. I am trying my best to reduce my habit towards drugs. I got many advices to stay away from hard drugs. What's the difference between 'hard' and 'soft' drugs?

A. No difference

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Richard Karp is known for characterizing polynomial-time reducibility as the most important property of NP-complete problems.
The reducibility of the Greek nickeliferous laterites: a review
Trapped fluid within the intussusception (Figure 5) and absence of blood flow to the bowel on Doppler imaging have been described as signs of ischemia and decreased reducibility.
Among the topics are set theory, algorithms, Turing-completeness, undecidability and reducibility, and other interesting questions and classes.
The authors make a convincing case against the reducibility of causation, appealing to a wide range of scientific, epistemic, and metaphysical arguments.
We first consider the reducibility of the matrix A[A.
The equivalency is formulated as the property of metatheoretical invariance stating the reducibility of any particular systemic description of the object to some other by the reduction and/or the expansion operations of the systemic description.
He remarks that debates over the reducibility of mind were done better in the seventeenth century than today.
26) As Thomas Nagel puts his skepticism about reduction: "If values are objective, they must be so in their own right, and not through reducibility to some other kind of objective fact.
Palpation of the wrist will reveal areas of tenderness (radiocarpal synovitis usually painful, dorsal tenosynovitis usually not painful) and reducibility of deformity (piano key sign for DRUJ).
Michael Zurowski, President of Baffinland, stated that, "The results are very encouraging with most of the 20 composite samples showing acceptable to excellent reducibility for a potential lump iron ore.