reduced enamel epithelium

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e·nam·el ep·i·the·li·um

the several layers of the enamel organ remaining on the enamel surface after formation of enamel is completed.
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primary enamel cuticle

A thin membrane of tissue consisting primarily of basal lamina that is produced by ameloblasts and covers the erupting tooth, which is worn away by chewing and cleaning.
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reduced enamel epithelium

Combined epithelial layers of the enamel organ, which form a protective layer over the enamel crown as it erupts and then become the primary epithelial attachment surrounding the tooth.
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Mean values of karyometric parameters of junctional epithelium and reduced enamel epithelium cells of the first maxillary molar of control (C) and cadmium-treated (T) rats.
However strongest contention is that the cyst originates from reduced enamel epithelium as epithelial lining is attached to the neck of tooth.

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