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1. to restore to the normal place or relation of parts, as to reduce a fracture.
2. to undergo reduction.
3. to decrease in weight or size.
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1. To place back into a preferred position; to perform reduction (1).
2. In chemistry, to initiate reduction (2).
[L. re-duco, to lead back, restore, reduce]
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(rĭ-do͞os′, -dyo͞os′)
v. re·duced, re·ducing, re·duces
1. To bring down, as in extent, amount, or degree; diminish.
2. Chemistry
a. To decrease the valence of (an atom) by adding electrons.
b. To remove oxygen from (a compound).
c. To add hydrogen to (a compound).
d. To change to a metallic state by removing nonmetallic constituents; smelt.
3. Medicine To restore (a fractured or displaced body part) to a normal condition or position.
1. To become diminished.
2. Biology To undergo meiosis.

re·duc′er n.
re·duc′i·bil′i·ty n.
re·duc′i·ble adj.
re·duc′i·bly adv.
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1. To perform reduction (1).
2. chemistry To initiate reduction (2).
[L. re-duco, to lead back, restore, reduce]
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To restore a part of the body to its normal position or place, as in treating a fracture or dislocation. The repositioning of the bone or body part is called a reduction.
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