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the chemical reaction whereby electrons are removed (oxidation) from atoms of the substance being oxidized and transferred to those being reduced (reduction).
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Contraction of oxidation-reduction. See: oxidation-reduction potential.
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Contraction of reduction-oxidation.
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Also, the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) market has been studied using SWOT analysis, and it highlights various strengths and opportunities, threats, and weaknesses that are associated with the industry.
The results from the initial screening (i.e., pH and redox data) provide the basis for the trials.
Based on the insights provided by in situ AFM and in situ Raman analysis, the results of chronopotentiometric characterization were attributed to the redox reactions of solvated lithium ions in the PC-based electrolyte.
It was impossible to study metal centered redox properties of Fe complex because of using DMSO as solvent.
Average values ([bar.[chi]]), standard deviations (SD), and coefficients of variation (CV) of the ORP values were calculated to evaluate the repeatability of the [I.sub.2]/KI redox potential method.
Redox signaling is a fast-paced and transient process in which electrons are transferred between the oxidizing ROS and redox-sensitive proteins, such as tyrosine kinases and phosphatases [58].
This paper, even though it does not deal with an infectious agent, maybe mechanistically highly applicable to future studies in redox biology of human pathogens.
It was found that the values of Ipa/Ipc (ratio of anodic to cathodic peak currents) and DEp (cathodic to anodic peak separation) for the first and second redox processes were close to the reversible system (Table 2).
Redox provides an API solution for clinical integration with electronic medical record systems.
The first type is thermal initiation where free radicals are generated by pyrolytic cleavage of covalent bond, whereas the second type is redox initiation where free radicals are generated by redox reaction between an oxidant and a reductant.
In parallel with its development of Zertane, the company will continue to leverage the RedoxSYS System through its Luoxis research division, which will focus on developing additional therapeutic markets where a redox imbalance is implicated.
Electron transfer from ions or atoms containing unpaired electrons followed by bond dissociation in the acceptor molecule is a very efficient method of generating free radicals under mild conditions, and the most effective of which is redox initiation [23].