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1. the color produced by the longest waves of the visible spectrum, approximately 630 to 750 nm.
2. a dye or stain with this color.
scarlet red an azo dye used as a biological stain for fats.


One of the primary colors, produced by the longest waves of the visible spectrum, with violet at the other end. For individual red dyes, see specific name.
[A.S. reád]


1. the color produced by the longest waves of the visible spectrum, approximately 630 to 750 nm.
2. a dye or stain with this color.

scarlet red  an azo dye used as a biological stain for fats.
Drug slang A regional term for, ‘under the influence of drugs, stoned’
Fringe medicine A colour believed—by the proponents of the pseudoscience of colour therapy—to increase circulation and energy, and reduce anxiety
Physics A primary colour produced by the longest waves of the visible electromagnetic spectrum from 630 to 740 nm


adj in Chinese medicine, a facial coloration indicative of hot energy, poor digestion, and possible respiratory inflammation. See also energy, hot.


One of the hues of the visible spectrum evoked by stimulation of the retina by wavelengths beyond 630 nm. The complementary colours to red are blue-green (between 490.4 and 492.4 nm).


the color at the lowest end of the visible spectrum; the color of blood.

red dye
used in food coloring, reputed to reduce fertility.

Patient discussion about red

Q. is red meat bad for you??? and what about white meat like pork??? why is consider to be healthy eating vegie what are the advantages of this kind of nutrition ? what are the actual differences in a nutrition matter ?

A. Eating red meat an average of about twice a day seems to raise the risk of stomach cancer. This risk is increased even more if the meat is barbecued and well done. there are more evidence about colon cancer , and also higher risk of strokes. but i have no idea about white meat. although barbecued meat (white or red) had a material that our liver cause it to be cancerous.

Q. Does anybody know what can be done about a very itchy red rash on ones' toes which comes back every few months I've used different sorts of creams such as Lamasil. It's really bothering me and I'd love to get a few directions before I give up and go see a doctor.

A. Sounds like 'Athletes foot'. Here is a website that lists some remedies for it:'s_Foot.cfm

Q. I have red blotches under my skin and swelling on hands and feet with joint pain. Any answers. it has been two days the blotches are gone but I still have swelling.

A. could be some kind of joint Rheumatic fever... some kind of joint infection. this should be looked upon by a Dr. those things can cause damage if not treated right. a bacterial infection that is not treated can cause a permanent damage.

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