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(1) Conjunctivitis evoked by allergens, bacteria, viruses, air-borne irritants, or linked to episcleritis, corneal ulcer—infectious or traumatic—uveitis, glaucoma—acute or chronic—cellulitis, etc.
(2) Blood-shot eyes due a lack of sleep, which explains the term, ‘red eye special’—a long night flight, usually understood to be from the west to the east coast of the US. Cf Pink-eye
Vox populi A popular term for the appearance of the eyes of those who have been photographed with a flash under low-light conditions. Red eye is characteristic of a normal retina. The finding of one red eye and the other white—especially in young children—is often associated with retinoblastoma, a malignant tumour of the eyeball (bulbus oculi) and should be a trigger for an immediate eye exam in a toddler or infant.
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red eye

1. Conjunctivitis evoked by allergens, bacteria, viruses, air-borne irritants, or linked to episcleritis, corneal ulcer–infectious or traumatic, uveitis, glaucoma–acute or chronic, cellulitis, etc. Cf Pink-eye.
2. Blood-shot eye.
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red eye

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Q. What Causes Conjunctivitis? I woke up this morning with a red eye. My doctor said it's probably conjunctivitis. What causes this?

A. Red eye as a result of conjunctivitis is caused by hyperemia of the superficial blood vessels of the conjunctiva in the eye. This is usually caused due to either an allergic reaction, infection or some other trigger such as a foreign body that penetrated the eye. The blood vessels in the eye become engorged and therefore seen as red on the white sclera. This requires immediate medical examination in order to rule out emergency situations that can lead to permanent damage.

Q. how long does an eye infection suppose to last if I don't usually have any eye problems? I'm not even sure how I got this infection- my eye was itchy a few days ago and after too much touching-I guess-it got real red and swollen. It hurt for like a day and now it just keeps the redness. something to be worried about? any eye professionals there? I don't use glasses or contacts so I'm kinda bad at this- never gave my eye any special attention...thanks!

A. go see an eye dr.a.s.a.p.,it could be anything,you could have something in your eye,you could have pink eye,you could have allergies,but dont risk the wait,go to the doctors...!!!!!!!!

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