Red Urine

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Any condition associated with red urine—e.g., haematuria 2º to glomerulonephritides, bladder tumours, foreign bodies or calculi, infection, inflammation, thrombosis and other conditions diagnosed by urinalysis
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Of the patients, 75% complained of gastritis, 53% weakness, and 47% red urine as adverse effects of DOTS therapy.
EP patients typically have a history of early onset photosensitive blistering skin rash, erythrodontia (reddish coloration of teeth), and red urine (FIGURE 2).
You could change your rabbit's diet to see if there is a component causing this red urine. Any new foods should be introduced gradually and one by one.
Red urine in a burn victim can indicate either a fatal condition known as hemolysis or a nonfatal condition known as rhabdomyolysis, which is caused by the breakdown of the burn victim's muscle pigment.
Abnormal colors like red urine and urate may be signs of internal bleeding.
Excretion of some food colors can result in red urine.