Ulmus rubra

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slippery elm

Herbal medicine
A deciduous tree that contains mucilage, starch and tannins; its inner bark is emollient and mildly astringent. Slippery elm has been used internally for coughs, diarrhoea, gastrointestinal inflammation, constipation, menstrual and renal dysfunction and sore throat; it is used topically for burns, wounds and dry skin.
Contact dermatitis caused by powdered bark.

Ulmus rubra,

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The load capacity of red elm specimens compared to those of white ash specimens indicates that load capacity is closely related to tension perpendicular to the grain.
Furthermore, CCI is currently under negotiations with additional tenants on behalf of Red Elm for this site.
The agreement with Red Elm is the next step in the build-to-suit strategy that CCI began to implement shortly after Charys acquired CCI in March 2005.
We are excited to utilize our full spectrum of turnkey services to facilitate the Red Elm project," commented Mike Novak, CEO of CCI.
84-inch pins did occur, however, in the round red elm specimens with 2-inch tenons at a maximum ultimate load of 8.
Withdrawal resistance of small-diameter red elm stems
Withdrawal resistance of the round red elm specimens with 0.