red bug

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red bug



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1. A colloquial term for any small insect or arthropod, esp. of the order Hemiptera, that has sucking mouth parts, incomplete metamorphosis, and two pairs of wings, the fore pair being half membranous. See: bedbug; chigger
2. A colloquial term for a disease-causing germ or microorganism.

assassin bug

Any member of the family Reduviidae. Many are predaceous; others are bloodsucking. Panstrongylus, Triatoma, and Rhodnius are vectors of Chagas disease.
See: conenose; trypanosomiasis

cone-nose bug

, cone-nosed bugConenose.

croton bug

German cockroach.

kissing bug


red bug

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These mites are also known in English-speaking countries as harvest mites, chiggers, berry bugs, red bugs, or scrub-itch mites, and as Erntemilbe, Herbstgrasmilbe, or Heumilbe in German-speaking countries (3).
from her joy, the torn bag revealing its red bugs, their black mouths
That was the third game in a row that the Red Bugs have failed to find the net and that wouldn't lead too many to back them with any great degree of confidence at 8-5 with bet365.
Darlington's writing chugs breezily along like his narrow boat through Carolina, Georgia and Florida, defying alligators, biting fish, red bugs that burrow in to your skin, fierce mosquitoes and the blazing hot, freezing cold and contrary country.