recurrent stricture

re·cur·rent stric·ture

a stricture due to the presence of contractile tissue that may be dilated but soon returns.
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To be included in the study, patients had to have had at least a 6-month cystoscopy or presented with recurrent stricture prior to the 6-month follow-up.
Other patients who can expect an excellent result with surgery are those who develop complications of GERD such as erosive esophagitis or recurrent stricture formation while on proton pump inhibitors and those who experience high levels of gastrin while taking these drugs.
Many authors (22-25) have demonstrated a high success rate of endoscopic primary realignment, following post-traumatic posterior urethral stricture, with management of recurrent stricture either by repeated dilatation or urethroplasty.
16-18) In addition, repeated urethrotomies for recurrent strictures may lead to an increase in the length and depth of fibrosis in some cases.
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