recurrent corneal erosion

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re·cur·rent cor·ne·al e·ro·sion

repeated vesiculation followed by exfoliation of the corneal epithelium.

Recurrent corneal erosion (RCE)

Repeated erosion of the cornea. May be a result of inadequate healing of a previous abrasion.
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corneal erosion, recurrent 

Periodic loss of some of the corneal epithelium, due to its detachment from the basement membrane. It may be the result of trauma (e.g. fingernail scratch) or of some corneal dystrophy. There is severe pain, redness, lacrimation and photophobia, typically upon awakening. Management usually begins with artificial teardrops and a lubricating ointment but the acute phase requires antibiotic ointment and pressure patching or a therapeutic soft contact lens or debridement. See desmosome; Cogan's microcystic epithelial dystrophy; lattice dystrophy; Reis-Buckler's dystrophy.
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To be able to understand how different methods of slit lamp technique can be used to identify recurrent corneal erosion syndrome (Group 3.
To be able to understand the management approach for recurrent corneal erosion syndrome (Group 8.
Learning objectives To be able to understand the treatment and natural course of recurrent corneal erosion syndrome (Group 1.
To be able to assess cases of recurrent corneal erosion syndrome using appropriate techniques (Group 2.
As the clinical lead for the NHS corneal service at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, and as founder and a medical director for LaserVision UK, Mr Jayaswal has considerable clinical experience and expertise in the management of corneal disorders including recurrent corneal erosion syndrome.
Historically, debridement and then superficial keratectomy were the first surgical treatments for recurrent corneal erosions, (11-13) and these procedures remain in use today.
Pain may be associated with recurrent corneal erosions, which may occur.
It causes a reduction in corneal sensitivity and photophobia, with recurrent corneal erosions.
Symptoms range from intermittent to permanent reduction in vision from stromal oedema, while pain, photophobia and epiphora can occur from recurrent corneal erosions, which in turn occur from burst bullae.
Recurrent corneal erosions are treated as in epithelial diseases.

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