recurrent appendicitis

re·cur·rent ap·pen·di·ci·tis

repeated episodes of right lower quadrant abdominal pain attributed to recurrence of inflammation of the appendix in a person who did not have an appendectomy for prior episodes.
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The arguments against a nonoperative approach include the risk of recurrent appendicitis, including the anxiety associated with any recurrences of abdominal pain, the risk of antibiotic-related complications, the potential for increased duration of hospitalization, and the relatively low morbidity of appendectomy in children.
Laparoscopic findings include acute recurrent appendicitis in 32 (29.
In our study acute recurrent appendicitis is leading cause of pain abdomen which is consistent with results of Ahmed et al.
Patients treated with conservative management (use of antibiotics with or without ultrasound-guided percutaneous drainage) were defined as the "conservative treatment group" (Group 2; n = 32), which was subdivided into the interval surgery group whose patients underwent surgery at a certain time after the initial treatments (Group 2A), the ambulatory follow-up observation group whose patients underwent ambulatory follow-up observation continuously (Group 2B) and the those patients of follow-up who underwent appendectomy for recurrent appendicitis (Group 2C).
Recurrent appendicitis after laproscopic appendectomy.
Appendectomy may be reserved for antibiotic treatment failure and recurrent appendicitis," she said.
Histopathological analysis confirmed the clinical suspicion of recurrent appendicitis in the appendix stump.
In 1886, Reginald Fitz[1] described several cases of alleged recurrent appendicitis in his classic comprehensive view of the "new" illness of appendicitis.
1] Bacterial invasion being a very common cause makes it imperative that we have a clear picture of the bacterial pattern of appendix in acute and recurrent appendicitis and to correlate this with clinical findings.
Cases with history of recurrent appendicitis presenting with acute symptoms.
Acute appendicitis (AAS) 71 Recurrent appendicitis (AAR) 14 Subacute appendicitis 1 Acute appendicitis gangrenous (AAG) 5 Acute appendicitis perforated (AAP) 7 Normal appendix 2
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