recurrence rate

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re·cur·rence rate

in genetic counseling, the risk that a future offspring will be affected given some specific set of relatives of whom at least one is already affected.
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The recurrence rate of the treatment group was 37% lower than that of the control group while the mortality rate of the treatment group was 79% lower than that of the control group.
At 24 hours of follow-up, the recurrence rate was 11% following frova-triptan versus 24% collectively for the comparator triptans.
Patients with negative LEEP findings had a recurrence rate similar to that of patients with positive LEEP findings, with a 24% recurrence in the negative category and 27% recurrence in the positive category.
The cumulative 6-month recurrence rate for abnormal vaginal flora was 54%, and the hazard ratio for the recurrence of abnormal flora was 1.
The results of the present study indicate that short-term vaginal application of a probiotic preparation was well tolerated and reduced the recurrence rate of BV and G.
Maxillary ameloblastomas and the solid/multicystic variant are more likely to spread, making complete clearance more difficult and thus increasing the recurrence rate.
West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit has been drafted in to review cancer recurrence rates of all Mr Paterson's patients over the past ten years.
Malvern PA) said that patients taking its Dupuytren's contracture treatment Xiaflex in a two-year study had a recurrence rate of 19.
This reduces the pain significantly as well as enhances the average capacity of functional status to a greater extent and reduces recurrence rate.
For patients with high-grade tumors (19% of all patients), the accelerated treatment was less effective than the standard treatment, with a local recurrence rate of 15.
The recurrence rate for patients without a close family history was 40%.
5% of women reported hot flushes and night sweats after three months of treatment, and they subsequently had a lower recurrence rate than women without the symptoms.