recurrence rate

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re·cur·rence rate

in genetic counseling, the risk that a future offspring will be affected given some specific set of relatives of whom at least one is already affected.
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It has been suggested that if the fibroblast activity could be down-regulated during early phase of healing process, the recurrence rate could be decreased.6 A randomized controlled trial was designed to compare excision of earlobe keloids with intra- and post- operative steroids (group I) versus intra-lesional excision with post-operative steroids (group II).
In a series of 347 patients Zachariae et al reported a recurrence rate of 34% who were operated upon even in a well-established hand clinic.
It is a distinct clinicopatho- logical entity because of general unicystic radiographic appearance associated with an unerupted tooth typical histologic findings common in the mandible of younger patients and low recurrence rate after conservative surgical treatment than that of its other counterparts.
Telephone contact at 1, 3, and 6 months of follow-up revealed cumulative recurrence rates of 19%, 36%, and 49%, respectively, in the 3-day group.
Although the team had suspected that recurrence rates would be higher in older patients, age did not appear to make individuals more susceptible to another round of the disease.
Of 32 patients less than 30 years old, athletes had an 82% recurrence rate as compared with 30% in nonathletes.
It can completely remove the tumors and prevent recurrence, thus reducing the postoperative recurrence rate. In the present study, group B had 10 cases of recurrence and a 20.0% recurrence rate, which was lower than that of group A; however, this difference was not statistically significant (P>0.05).
"If you do total margin control surgery on your perineural invasive cases, you're going to drop your recurrence rate by two-thirds, and that's a really big difference."
Yet, it is also known that urethral stricture is quite tough condition to cure, as its recurrence rate is quite high especially in patient who have gone through endoscopic optical urethrotomy7.
By comparison, the recurrence rate for cancer-related VTE at 6 months was 9.06.
It has high incidence and high recurrence rate after treatment.
We found that radiation does significantly reduce the risk for recurrence, but you are starting with an extremely low recurrence rate even without radiation.