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We're pleased to welcome AirFlyte's employees into the Rectrix family," said Thomas J.
Massport last year gave Rectrix Aviation the go-ahead to develop "fixed-base operator'' facilities at Hanscom Field in Bedford and Worcester Airport.
According to the company, the new Worcester facility is set to be one among two fixed base operations to be constructed by Rectrix as a result of a multi-million dollar contract awarded by Massport.
It is a concept pioneered by Rectrix to offer the advantages of private hangar ownership, along with the amenities of a world class aircraft service provider.
The acquisition of Airport Property Partners' Sarasota base represents a strategic initiative that will allow Rectrix to enhance its operations at SRQ," said Thomas Russell, Rectrix executive chairman, in a press release.
AirFlyte's operation in Westfield "provides business suites, concierge services, crew lounge, quiet rooms, refueling services, aircraft de-icing and the availability of a conference center," according to a Rectrix press release.
Rectrix occupies nearly 20 acres of airport property.
Worcester is going to be the heartbeat of Rectrix," said Richard A.
Rectrix is waiting for slot allocations from the Federal Aviation Administration and LaGuardia Airport, Rectrix CEO Richard Cawley said in an interview.
18-20 Sarasota Exotic Car Fest * Child Protection Center Friday reception: Rectrix Aerodrome Center; Saturday: St.
Rectrix Aviation, recently approved to develop a fixed-base operator facility at the airport, plans to spend at least $5 million to construct a new office building and a 22,000- square-foot hangar and add 20 new full-time jobs.
at Rectrix Aviation and offers stylish bar bites, gaming tables and more.