rectovaginal septum

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 [sep´tum] (L.)
1. a wall or partition dividing a body space or cavity. Some are membranous, some are osseous, and some are cartilaginous; each is named according to its location. See also septal defect. adj., adj sep´tal.
alveolar septum interalveolar septum.
atrial septum (septum atrio´rum cor´dis) interatrial septum.
atrioventricular septum the part of the membranous portion of the interventricular septum between the left ventricle and the right atrium.
deviated septum an injury or malformation of the nasal septum so that one part of the nasal cavity is smaller than the other; this is fairly common and seldom causes complications. Occasionally the deviation may handicap breathing, block the normal flow of mucus from the sinuses during a cold, or prevent proper drainage of infected sinuses. In some cases surgery (called partial or complete submucous resection) may be necessary to relieve the obstruction and reduce irritation and infection in the nose and sinuses.
interalveolar septum
1. one of the thin plates of bone separating the alveoli of the teeth in the mandible and maxilla. Called also interradicular septum.
2. one of the thin septa that separate adjacent pulmonary alveoli, containing connective tissue and the capillary network of the blood supply of the lung. Defs. 1 and 2 called also alveolar septum.
interatrial septum (septum interatria´le cor´dis) the partition separating the right and left atria of the heart; called also atrial septum.
interradicular septum interalveolar septum (def. 1).
interventricular septum (septum interventricula´re cor´dis) the partition separating the right and left ventricles of the heart; called also ventricular septum.
nasal septum a plate of bone and cartilage covered with mucous membrane that divides the nasal cavity.
septum lu´cidum septum pellucidum.
pellucid septum (septum pellu´cidum) the triangular double membrane separating the anterior horns of the lateral ventricles of the brain; called also septum lucidum.
septum pri´mum a septum in the embryonic heart, dividing the primitive atrium into right and left chambers. See also congenital heart defect.
rectovaginal septum the membranous partition between the rectum and vagina.
rectovesical septum a membranous partition separating the rectum from the prostate and urinary bladder.
septum of ventricles of heart (ventricular septum) (septum ventriculo´rum cor´dis) interventricular septum.
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rectovaginal fascia

layer of areolar tissue between the vagina anteriorly and the rectum posteriorly, and superior to the perineal body and inferior to the rectouterine pouch of peritoneum; this fascial plane may be opened surgically to gain access to the pelvis.
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rec·to·vag·i·nal sep·tum

(rek'tō-vaj'i-năl sep'tŭm) [TA]
The fascial layer between the vagina and the lower part of the rectum.
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We have divided the procedure into four parts: ureterolysis, dissection of the rectovaginal septum, excision of the rectovaginal nodule, and reconstruction.
Accuracy of transvaginal ultrasound for diagnosis of deep endometriosis in uterosacral ligaments, rectovaginal septum, vagina and bladder: systematic review and meta-analysis.
With the Goff method, the rectovaginal septum is not dissected "off" the posterior vaginal wall.
"There's an increasing body of literature that suggests that, if you look carefully in people with deep infiltrating endometriosis, you can often see solid-appearing nodules in the rectovaginal septum or between the uterus and bladder.
After the bladder flap is dissected off the anterior vaginal wall (close to the anterior vaginal wall to avoid cystotomy and to identify the avascular plane), the rectovaginal septum is developed.
The kit contains both synthetic (polypropylene) tape--which is placed from ischial spine to ischial spine to recreate cardinal ligaments for physiologic apical support--and a porcine dermis graft component, which is positioned from the vaginal apex to the perineum to recreate the endopelvic fascia of the rectovaginal septum. The result is a more physiologic repair with an improved vaginal axis and depth by using specifically designed needles through small vaginal and para-anal incisions, said Dr.
The named components of this axis are the perineum, rectovaginal septum, pericervical ring, uterosacral ligaments, and presacral periosteum.
Tears in the connective tissue of the rectovaginal septum cause these defects--neither attenuation nor deterioration is responsible, he said at a conference on gynecologic surgery sponsored by Omnia Education.
Use the Bovie cautiously if the rectovaginal septum is thin.
Reattach the pubocervical fascia to the rectovaginal septum.