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A plural of rectum.

recta, rectal

See rectum.


, pl. rectums, recta (rek'tŭm, -tŭmz, -tă) [TA]
The terminal portion of the digestive tube, extending from the rectosigmoid junction to the anal canal.
[L. rectus, straight, pp. of rego, to make straight]
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It is my obligation to thoroughly study the committee report, whether this is just personal or administrative or whatever,' Recto said.
Suggesting that 'faster and transparent disposition of the coco-levy will ensure win-win solutions for coco farmers,' Recto said no one is disputing the need to plow back the coco-levy collections to the people, noting that 'the divergence is on how to do it.
The plants provide 40% to 50% of the energy needs of "the 57 million people living in the world's 4th most populous island," Recto said.
Recto likewise noted that the amount they sent last year was "40 times bigger" than the government's Assistance to Nationals Fund for 2018 which amounted to P1 billion.
According to Recto if the President would be travelling just like any ordinary passenger, then he would be able to experience for himself if things in order at the airports.
El tipo de cirugia a realizar se determina segun la ubicacion del tumor y si estan implicados los anillos musculares del recto (esfinteres anales) que controlan la expulsion de las heces.
Recto found that two of the biggest sources of energy waste were in plant services--cooling water and compressed air.
A 1212 episcopal marriage case mentions invadiationes: Archivio Vescovile di Orvieto, Codice B, 112 verso-113 recto.
Reported caseloads from 2009 to 2015 totalled 18,885, but those disposed reached 12,238, or two-thirds, Recto said.
Included in the Recto request are "budget allocations and subsidies lodged in different national government agencies, earmarked and off-budget revenue sources.
If another country succeeds - through might, not right - in making the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) their exclusive fishpond, it will not only lead to the disappearance of a large chunk of space from our territory, but also fish from our table," Recto, who is running for re-election, said.
If we were able to find the means to buy our Navy more ships, then we should also be that resourceful in meeting the needs of other agencies for more floating assets," Recto said.