rectal venous plexus

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rec·tal ve·nous plex·us

a venous plexus resting on the posterior and lateral walls of the rectum; it drains into the superior rectal vein to the portal, the middle rectal to the internal iliac, and the inferior rectal to the internal pudendal.
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The rectal venous plexus is also dense in the submucosal space of this region.
Pelvic angiography studies have revealed that most of the submucosal portosystemic communications (PSCs) of RVs have hepatofugal inflow to intrinsic rectal venous plexus (IRVP) through the wall of rectum by branches of superior rectal vein (SRV): a tributary of inferior mesenteric vein [5].
Later, the word "hemorrhoids" also meant swelling, inflammation, bleeding and loss of internal rectal venous plexus nodes.