rectal disease

rec·tal dis·ease

proctophobia, rectophobia.
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It is believed John didn't see much action after 1863 due to the gunshot wounds, chronic diarrhea that resulted in a rectal disease -- for which he was pensioned in 1872.
His Mantoux test turned out to be negative indicating his rectal disease could be primary in the backdrop of his negative HIV status.
Anal canal ulcers and multiple fissures may be missed, and associated rectal disease should be identified.
In this volume are collected texts dealing with renal and rectal disease. It contains, in the following order: an introduction, discussion of manuscripts, a catalogue of tablets, transliterations and translations, indices, and text copies.
Contiguous lesions are seen in 70% of patients with disease of the colon and nearly 100% of patients with rectal disease.
All patients received the same treatment with systemic adjuvant chemotherapy using fluorouracil with levamisole or leucovorin and irradiation of any rectal disease. The mean metastatic nodal tumor volume was 5.1 [mm.sup.3] Nodal tumor volume increased with the number of involved nodes, as would be expected.