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1. A getting back or regaining; recuperation.
2. Emergence from general anesthesia.
3. In nuclear magnetic resonance, refers to relaxation.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr. recoverer, fr. L. recupero, to recover, get back, fr. re-, again, + capio, to take]


n. pl. recover·ies
1. The act, process, duration, or an instance of recovering.
2. A return to a normal or healthy condition.
3. The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources.


1. Restoration of health and strength after an illness.
2. The state a Pt is in after a therapeutic intervention; he/she is 'in recovery'. See Health recovery.


1. Recuperation.
2. Emergence from general anesthesia.

Patient discussion about recovery

Q. I have a friend who recently went in to an ahcoholic center for recovery. What do these people do daily?

A. here is a schedule of a rehab center i might give you an idea:

Q. I had sugery on a fractured heel what is the recovery process? Wanting to meet people who are going thru this now or have already recovered from this injury. What should I expect?

A. Hey doyen_98, I was wondering how the recovery was coming along. How long ago have you had the surgery?

Q. what tests do i need to do in order to discover cancer on advance to increase the recovery chance?

A. it's complicated. if there are no signs for it- there is a slim chance you'll get any diagnose. there are do many types of cells in the body.

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Hangover Joe's is the exclusive producer of "The Hangover" Recovery Shot, the official licensed product of The Hangover movie and the nation's number one selling anti-hangover recover drink & hangover recovery product.
The Hangover Joe's Recovery Shot hangover remedy is sold over 20,000 stores in the United States and is distributed by companies such as 7-Eleven, GNC, Harrah's, MGM Resorts International, Budweiser and Smoker Friendly.
The Spaniard closed the gap on the par-five second with an eagle to move to within a shot of Curtis, and had a chance to move level with a brilliant recovery shot at the seventh after driving wide to the right.
But a wonderful recovery shot, threaded through a six foot gap, set him up for a wonderful escape and a par.
A huge gallery, rugged up on an unusually cool Florida afternoon, were treated to a vintage Tiger recovery shot at the par-four 16th.
Nicolas Colsaerts had twice shared the lead with former Ryder Cup partner Lawrie after two early birdies, but ran up a triple-bogey seven on the 14th when his attempted recovery shot from a sandy waste area hit a tree around 20 yards in front of him and bounced back into a bush.
Another poor tee shot at the tough 11th hole looked like costing him a shot, but instead he hit a tremendous recovery shot to 10 feet and sunk the putt to get to two under, where he stayed for the rest of the round.
On the 12th hole, Westwood put his partner in a spot of bother but the Pontypridd-born star hit a fine recovery shot to keep the momentum going.
Hangover Joe's is the exclusive producer of 'The Hangover' Recovery Shot, the official licensed product of The Hangover movie and the nation's number one selling anti-hangover recover drink & hangover relief product.
World number one McIlroy hit a good recovery shot to five feet and McDowell held his nerve to seal the win.
The Scot now faces a nightmare recovery shot when the third round resumes this morning.
Almost everyone is far too greedy with the line they take on the recovery shot; in trying to advance the ball forward it is very easy to end up back in the desert or the rough.