recovery score

re·cov·er·y score

a number expressing the condition of an infant at various stipulated intervals longer than 1 minute after birth and based on the same features assessed by the Apgar score at 60 seconds after birth.
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The number of extracted teeth, pre-operative and post-operative anxiety scores, post-operative pain scores, Steward Recovery Score,14 duration of the procedure, surgeon satisfaction (bad/middle/good), additional drug needed, and adverse events were also recorded.
9] Turan et al (2007) made a comparative study between esmolol, remifentanil and dexmedetomidine in controlled hypotensive anaesthesia and found that post-extubation recovery score was longer in dexmedetomidine group than esmolol and remifentanil group.
The recovery score, pain and satisfaction were evaluated by Quality of Recovery Score (QoR-40), Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) and Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) at 24 hours postoperatively.
A Stewared recovery score of 7 was recognized as the end of the recovery time (Consciousness, Awake: 3, Response to verbal stimuli: 2, Response to tactile stimuli: 1, Not responding: 0; Motor, Moves limbs purposefully: 2, Non-purposeful movement: 1, Not moving: 0; Airway, Cough on command or cry: 2, Maintains good airway: 1, requires airway assistance: 0).
The error recovery score consisted of the number of errors recovered by the dialysis technician.
Quality of recovery was assessed on each of the first three days after surgery using the 40-item quality of recovery score (19).
PriorityScore for Collections will automatically select from 60 model equations that provide a blended recovery score that is specific to each client's account.
Aldrete JA, Kroulik D 1970 A post anaesthetic recovery score Anesthesia & Analgesia 49 (6) 924-934
The first step is to assign a risk score/collection recovery score to a portfolio of your accounts.
Because deviations in hearing loss and gain were wide and determinations of hearing gain were based on an artificially precise recovery score, we also compared groups according to nonparametric tests.