recovery score

re·cov·er·y score

a number expressing the condition of an infant at various stipulated intervals longer than 1 minute after birth and based on the same features assessed by the Apgar score at 60 seconds after birth.
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The number of extracted teeth, pre-operative and post-operative anxiety scores, post-operative pain scores, Steward Recovery Score,14 duration of the procedure, surgeon satisfaction (bad/middle/good), additional drug needed, and adverse events were also recorded.
The three pre-treatment questions were combined to get a pre-treatment recovery score, and the three posttreatment questions were combined to get a post-treatment recovery score.
The recovery score, pain and satisfaction were evaluated by Quality of Recovery Score (QoR-40), Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) and Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) at 24 hours postoperatively.
A Stewared recovery score of 7 was recognized as the end of the recovery time (Consciousness, Awake: 3, Response to verbal stimuli: 2, Response to tactile stimuli: 1, Not responding: 0; Motor, Moves limbs purposefully: 2, Non-purposeful movement: 1, Not moving: 0; Airway, Cough on command or cry: 2, Maintains good airway: 1, requires airway assistance: 0).9
DHF at 50 mg/L and DHF at 20 mg/L in combination with DZP achieved the same recovery score level after 20 min of water bath.
Recovery score recorded in group E (chloral hydrate) was (2.871.1) indicating average time of 29 minutes.
Each dialysis technician participant was given three scores: an error detection score, an error recovery score, and a combined score.
The emergence time (from LMA removal to eyes opening on command) and the recovery time (from LMA removal to when the recovery score reached a 9 or 10) were recorded.
PriorityScore for Collections will automatically select from 60 model equations that provide a blended recovery score that is specific to each client's account.
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