recorded detail

re·cor·ded de·tail

(rĕ-kōrd'ĕd dē'tāl)
The visible sharpness of features on a radiograph (e.g., bone trabeculae or pulmonary markings).
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In process of time, as the arts of war developed, it increased in size and strength, and although recorded details are lacking, the history is written not merely in the stone of its building, but is inferred in the changes of structure.
All flexidata modes can be viewed within flexiplayer so all recorded detail can be viewed in the correct format.
"At a time when more people are absorbing information via audiobooks, podcasts, and even audio texts," says lead study author Fatma Deniz, a postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience at UC, Berkeley, "our study shows that, whether they're listening to or reading the same materials, they are processing semantic information similarly." 3D semantic maps To create the 3D semantic brain maps, the team invited volunteers to listen to and read the same stories while they recorded detailed functional MRI scans of their brains.
SSP CTD Pervez Chandio, head of the investigation team, confirmed that the investigators visited the site and recorded detailed statement of Madeeha Kiyani, the girl who was with Intezar at the time of the incident.
Let's hope the Hospital management took notice and recorded details of the numbers of people who turned up at A&E during the strike and also took note of the Ambulance usage at the same time.
The artists from London have also recorded details of her skin, eye and hair colour.
As it intensifies a search for fighters who went missing in the uprising, Libya's new leadership is getting the help of a cardiac surgeon who, during the eight-month long conflict that ousted the Gaddafi regime, secretly recorded details about the dead filling his Tripoli hospital resulting from the fighting.
Prior to the platform, brokers initiated policy transactions, recorded details and sent the transactions to the company for staff to key into the policy management system.
Participants of the Great Eggcase Hunt - taking place on beaches across the country - recorded details of the number of eggcases washed up on the beach.
When they arrived, he was shocked to find his licence recorded details of a conviction on May 31 for failing to supply information regarding the speeding offence, and the pounds 120 fine outstanding.
But the woman, now in her 20s, claimed she recorded details of their sexual encounters in secret diary codes - including the times he allegedly took her for sex to an old mine near Llanbradach, Caerphilly, where he grew up, in secret diary codes.