record retention

re·cord re·ten·tion

(rek'ŏrd rĕ-ten'shŭn)
Definition of how long a health record should be maintained in current or alternative format.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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The company says that it will now be able to more efficiently manage corporate email content and apply record retention policies that help Cooper continue to meet increasingly stringent legal and information governance requirements.
Second, this trigger is unnecessary because the record retention issue can be resolved by adding a reasonable amount of time for the resolution to the retention period.
As the Remington Arms lawsuit proceeded, Remington refused to turn over evidence of complaints from other customers about the M700 on the basis that the complaints had been destroyed under Remington's record retention policy.
Skokie, IL, November 02, 2011 --( CIC Plus, Inc., an employee self-service solution provider, launches a New York Wage Theft Prevention Act Solution to assist large employers with the annual and ongoing delivery events, as well as record retention associated with the new legislation.
Tax professionals are frequently asked by their clients for guidance on document and record retention policies.
Insurers and insurance agencies considering "going green" and becoming paperless should understand New York State Insurance Laws and Regulations and the Insurance Department's position regarding record retention in electronic media.
The specification (DoD 5220.22-M), which has been implemented in some specialized CAS interface products in the context of a record retention policy, states that depending on the source of the recommendation, targeted sectors should be overwritten between three and 35 times.
However, while state auditors can target record retention practices, penalties for failure to comply in the past have been rare enough that strict compliance may have been a low priority for some.
Record retention policies should include an exception to destroying documents that are, or are likely to be, the subject of litigation or other inquiry.
With Interwoven's new Records Management product line, the IBM records management technology will extend the Interwoven 6 Platform to include leading-edge records management capabilities, such as well-defined processes for record retention and destruction backed by supporting audit trails complementing the comprehensive, easy-to-use collaborative content management capabilities provided by Interwoven.