Process of removing metal from the back and toe to restore the curved surfaces of a curette's working-end.
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The procedures on both physicians' "no-go" lists included clitoral unhooding, G-spot amplification, "revirginification" in any form, vulval recontouring with autologous fat, and the so-called "O-shot," injections of platelet-rich plasma that are touted as augmenting the sexual experience.
5 Surgical treatments for TMJ include recontouring of articular disc, repositioning of disc and in cases of end stage TMDs, replacement of entire joint.
Osseous recontouring was planned under general anesthesia.
Recontouring this leg is something that is standard when doing an action job to these revolvers.
These works include recontouring tailings deposits, establishing a temporary vegetation cover, and rock armoring sections of the main river channel and tributaries to reduce erosion.
Recontouring will result in a significant unacceptable alteration of the anatomic form from the original anatomy.
Today, however, the South Americans dominate these international beauty tilts because they have mastered the methodology of reshaping, recontouring and perfecting facial features-so much so that they have produced real live dolls who exemplify perfection.
Reclamation efforts began with recontouring the landscape and scarifying the surface.
Gummy smile is treated at Lovesmile using modalities such as gum recontouring and lip repositioning which gives a permanent result, unlike Botox/wrinkle elimination methods which require repeat treatment.
Chanel Le Lift Mask, PS60 (available tomorrow) A recontouring face mask that promises to deliver firmer skin.
The procedure is generally well tolerated, and achieves gradual recontouring over the weeks following treatment.