Process of removing metal from the back and toe to restore the curved surfaces of a curette's working-end.
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The surgical technique included intersecting with oscilating saw, performing osteotomy by chiesels, recontouring with big round burs and rasping with a bone file.
After frac sand mining is completed, companies are required to reclaim their sites by recontouring the land and developing it into either farmland, forest or prairie.
At times, orthodontic work may be needed to secure proper alignment - in addition to dental restorations (crowns, for example), or tooth recontouring.
"Following recontouring, we begin revegetation by aerial seeding with a mixture of grasses and plants that are indigenous to the area.
Restoration strategies include guidance on recontouring, stratification schemes, layering techniques, characterization, occlusal concepts, and more.
This repair gives opportunity to the surgeon a satisfactory cosmetic recontouring of the umbilicus in addition to all what is possible by either Mayo or laparoscopic repair.
Preprosthetic periodontal surgeries include mucogingival surgeries, crown lengthening procedures, and osseous recontouring procedures.
Another surgical intervention was performed with C[O.sub.2] laser for recontouring the gingiva around the implants and to facilitate the cementing of implant prosthesis.
We also propose the potential mechanism that type IIIb endoleak can lead to sac enlargement, proximal neck recontouring, proximal migration, type Ia endoleak, rapid sac enlargement, and ultimately rupture.
Shin, "Endoscopic-assisted recontouring of the facial skeleton: the forehead," Annals of Plastic Surgery, vol.
Mock surgery is then performed on the stereolithographic model, which includes removal of the condyle, bony recontouring of the fossa and the ramus components, and correcting the spatial positioning of the mandible (in cases where simultaneous lower jaw repositioning is to be incorporated in the surgical treatment plan).
The procedures on both physicians' "no-go" lists included clitoral unhooding, G-spot amplification, "revirginification" in any form, vulval recontouring with autologous fat, and the so-called "O-shot," injections of platelet-rich plasma that are touted as augmenting the sexual experience.