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Reshaping a tooth or a restoration to remove marginal excess and to restore natural anatomic form.
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VelaSmooth claims to shrink the fat cells, tighten and smooth skin and recontour trouble spots like love handles and saddlebags.
Volunteers will remove the old road bed and recontour the landscape to its natural slope.
Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to raise and recontour sagging breasts.
After the healing period, gingivoplasty may be required to recontour the papilla.
Over the years, a number of non-surgical and surgical techniques were used either to recontour or reconstruct the interdental papilla.
Using lasers and water, WaterLase[c] can recontour the gums by working with the naturally occurring water in gum tissue.
will plug ditches, recontour the land to enhance water absorption and movement, eradicate the pine trees, and plant 22,000 stems of hardwood trees.
If your face makes you unhappy, you can recontour it with Perfect Contour products.
Lancaster's Recontour Body Firming Cream contains magnetised particles which the firm says help stimulate the circulation and improve skintone on the thighs.