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Dimson and Marsh (1984) extensively review stock recommendation in Australia, Canada, Hong-Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States, documenting that following recommendations provides only a very modest profitability.
From January 2004 through March 2007, GAO made 46 recommendations aimed at improving USCP administrative and management operations and achieving strategic goals in these areas.
The president receives the recommendations and then deliberates with the executive team before making a final decision.
Award Fees Must Be Commensurate with Contractor Performance (GAO Recommendation 2)
Chartered on March 23, 2005, the 21-member committee was formed to assess the current regulatory system for smaller public companies and make recommendations for changes.
Lo says the committee unanimously supported all of the recommendations put forth in the report.
Bush said ignoring peer recommendations is very unusual.
While British and Canadian medical organizations had developed recommendations for limiting the use of potentially ototoxic ototopical antibiotics, no systematic, evidence-based review of this issue had been performed in the United States until our consensus panel was formed and was charged with this responsibility.
Zacks downgraded its recommendation for International Rectifier in October 2003 from buy to hold and set a new 12-month target price for the stock at $51.
Whether a recommendation was made in the past or is current depends on the facts and circumstances--particularly how much time has passed.
The Conclusions and Recommendations section consisted of 27 findings, each of which was followed by a clear and measurable recommendation.