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Marker order and map distance in the Satt220-Satt536 interval were accurately determined using 92 recombinants (two plants derived from both recombinant gametes, and the rest from one recombinant gamete and one parental gamete) identified from 1911 B[C.sub.7][F.sub.1:2] plants.
The numbers of recombinant gametes in the Satt220-Satt536 interval in the 92 critical recombinant plants identified from 1911 B[C.sub.7][F.sub.1:2] plants are indicated in the marker intervals.
Considering all the recombinant gametes there were 20 Rc gametes but only three rC.
Two of these gametes have two permutations for formation and are produced at twice the frequency of other recombinant gametes. Three of the recombinant gametes possess Pc-63 in an interchanged position with the [BC.sub.1][F.sub.1] contributing Pc-63 only in the interchange position.
Random chromatid segregation of recombinant gametes produced in Dif-63/Dumont [F.sub.1] interchange heterozygotes following a single crossover event between chromatids 2 and 6, and expected segregation in Dif-63/Dumont/Dif-63 [BC.sub.1][F.sub.3], families.
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