recoil atom

re·coil at·om

the remainder of an atom from which a nuclear particle has been emitted or ejected at high velocity; the remainder recoils with a velocity inversely proportional to its mass.
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Irradiation of materials with electrons and light ions introduces predominantly isolated interstitial atoms and vacancies (Frenkel pairs) and small clusters of these point defects, because of the low average recoil atom energies (0.1-1 keV).
If one cascade creates more than 8000 recoil atoms, SRIM discards the atoms beyond 8000, which causes certain inaccuracy in vacancy calculations.
The presence of radiogenic uranium in humic acids proves that, despite of significant destruction of organic matter in the track of the recoil atom, not only the molecule of humic acid is recreated from fragments and radicals, but also strong links of uranium-234 with both humic acids and fulvic acids form.
Along its path, the recoil atoms lose their energy in two ways--by ionization and displacement of other nuclei.