recognition factors

re·cog·ni·tion fac·tors

(rek'ŏg-nish'ŭn fak'tŏrs)
Factors that affect "recognition" of target antigens by polymorphonuclear leukocytes; apparently the Fc portion of antibody molecules and the activated third component of complement (C3), for both of which phagocytes have receptor sites.
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The Red Sox would love if both Betts and Holt had higher recognition factors when the 2015 season is over, but both young players are going to have to fight for playing time.
None of them would have much of a recognition factor now, either, but that could change with a return to the playoffs for Boston.
Programs are selected based on their innovativeness, adaptability in other cities, cost effectiveness, measurements of success and other recognition factors.
There has been little change in any of these candidates' recognition factors over the last several months.
In fact, of the top 10 recognition factors employees indicated as most important for them to receive when they do good work, four were types of praise: personal, written, electronic and public--each typically done by those individuals they hold in high esteem at work, given to them in a timely, sincere and specific manner.
A second model was hypothesized by removing two items from the Performance Concerns factor and one item each from the Fear of Physical Harm and Lack of Recognition factors. All four of these items had very low factor loadings on their respective latent variables.
The preponderance of dominance towards susceptibility may suggest that host-plant recognition factors are the influential traits in hybrids and that they are frequently dominant (Moorehead et al.
With a lot of practice on the timing and recognition factors, the Triangle Offense can pay huge dividends, especially with a flexible post and the exploitation of defensive mismatches.
With escalating marketing costs, books make sense because they tend to have built-in recognition factors, since they've had previous incarnations as bestsellers or hyped publishing properties.
For fluorescence, pattern recognition factors encompassed spectral area, peak positions and angular distance between spectra.

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