recipient site

recipient site,

n the site into which a graft or transplant material is placed. See also donor site.
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In this new technique, surgeons use a multilayered flap closure that enables doctors to close several layers of muscle and fascia while maintaining blood supply from the donor site to the recipient site.
Depending on the requirements at the recipient site, a graft of various sizes can be obtained.
The donor skin is cut and stretched to form a mesh that fits in the large recipient site.
In maxillofacial reconstruction, the proximity of the CBG donor site to the surgical site avoids the need for a second distant surgical field, but may preclude simultaneous bone graft harvest and recipient site preparation.
During the first stage--the surgery--a recipient site of the same shape and size as the implant is created in the jawbone.
There are step-by-step instructions for 110 techniques for flap harvesting and fabrication, including perforator flap techniques, as well as descriptions for 39 procedures for exposure to recipient site vessels.
This technology enables a consistent and reproducible harvest of autologous grafts of uniform thickness that are immediately applied to the recipient site.
A key to successful skin grafting is to perform the procedure about 10 days after the primary procedure to allow sufficient time for the formation of an adequate vascular bed at the recipient site.
Micrograft - one to two hair grafts into needle holes; small slit grafts - three to four hairs into a slit; large slit grafts - five to seven hairs into a slit; small minigraft - three to four hairs into a small site; large minigraftminigraft - five to eight hairs into a small round recipient site.
The simulated hair transplant design can be saved and transferred easily to the ARTAS Robotic System for recipient site making.
In addition, the software generates a realistic three-dimensional patient model on a touchscreen tablet that allows the physician to customize a recipient site pattern design - changing hairlines, hair distribution densities and growth directions providing results viewable from every angle.
The medial or lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve was harvested with the flap for restoration of sensation when the glossopharyngeal or greater palatine nerve at the recipient site could be preserved.