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 [res´ĭ-pe] (L.)
1. take: used at the head of a prescription, indicated by the symbol ℞.
2. a formula for the preparation of a combination of ingredients.
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rec·i·pe (Rx),

1. The superscription of a prescription, usually indicated by the sign Rx.
2. A prescription or formula.
[L. imperative recipio, to receive]
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A medical prescription.
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1. The superscription of a prescription, usually indicated by the sign Rx.
2. A prescription or formula.
[L. imperative recipio, to receive]
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Superscription of a prescription, usually indicated by the sign Rx.
[L. imperative recipio, to receive]
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Patient discussion about recipe

Q. Does anybody have good recipes for meals which don't contain gluten?? My 8 year old son has celiac disease. He is really suffering from not being able to eat so many things his brother and his friends can like pizza, pasta, birthday cakes, etc. I'd love him to have his own very tasty meals but I'm havin a hard time finding any recipes. If anyone knows some..

A. I have found some here- for chicken, pizza and brownies..
and also- I am sure you can buy a cookbook that has gluten-free recipes.

Q. Low calorie desserts - any suggestions? I’m having my in-laws for a dinner next week, and since my husband has started a diet lately I’m looking for a low-calorie desserts to end the low-fat meal I’m preparing. Any idea?

A. You can find suggestions and recipes here:
(,2661,FOOD_21616,00.html )

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