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Sensitive or responsive to stimulus.


a. Receiving or ready to receive penetration in sexual intercourse.
b. Receiving or ready to receive male gametes or nuclei during sexual reproduction: a receptive hypha; receptive stigmas.

re·cep′tive·ly adv.
re·cep′tive·ness, re′cep·tiv′i·ty n.
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The researchers found that receptivity to any advertising was high at wave 1 for those aged 12 to 14 years (44 percent) and highest for those aged 18 to 21 years (68.7 percent).
Pollen viability and stigma receptivity: In order to evaluate stigma receptivity and pollen viability, five plants were selected while their flowers were still in the bud stage.
Endometrial receptivity was assessed by testing their capacity to receive fertilized ova and retain embryos for pregnancy.
Ma and Zhong [4, 5] investigate the receptivity over a plate flat under the freestream with small disturbances by DNS and linear stability theory (LST).
This receptivity may be influenced by severa factors such as flower age, presence or absence of stigmatic exudate and daily climatic conditions (Marsha et al., 2010; Das et al., 2013).
However, the pregnancy rate of IVF-ET remains relatively low up to now.[sup][1] Only approximately 30% of the embryos transferred into the uterus lead to a successful pregnancy.[sup][2] Successful implantation depends on the embryo's quality, embryo-endometrium interaction, and endometrial receptivity, of which inadequate endometrial receptivity is responsible for approximately two-thirds of implantation failures.[sup][3],[4],[5]
As part of the study on modernization of Korean Medicine, we reviewed experimental studies of endometrial receptivity in herbal medicine.
Its success depends on three main factors including embryo quality, endometrial receptivity (ER), and synchrony between embryo and endometrium (19).
MediaBrix has formed a strategic partnership with chat app Kik, as one of the first monetization partners with the shared goal of ensuring premium user interaction, receptivity and choice, the company said.
In his book "Receptivity: Tuning in to God's Voice" evangelist Daniel K.
The changes in endometrium may be regarded as a reflection of endometrial proliferation under the influence of ovarian steroid hormones and cytokines.6 Ultrasound measurement of endometrial thickness by trans-vaginal scan (TVS) is a simple and reproducible method to evaluate endometrial proliferation and has been studied as a possible indicator of uterine receptivity in fresh IVF cycles.4,5,7,8

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