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n the state of being open to the action of a drug or homeopathic remedy. See also reactivity.
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Quantum Receptivity has been in private beta for over a year and proven its ability to drive incremental trips for retailers and sales for brands.
For receptivity to the impossible, we fervently pray
H1: Subjective knowledge accuracy will be positively related to information receptivity.
As someone whose vocation for 25 years has been to encourage the voices of young women and men, I would suggest that the Bible and the Christian tradition have other stories to tell as well: of the Canaanite woman who challenged Jesus' reluctance to heal her daughter, of the early Christian leaders Phoebe and Prisca who were some of the first Christian missionaries, of the 12th-century abbess Hildegard of Bingen who was known for her preaching and even for admonishing the clergy for their failures--these women are hardly examples of pure receptivity.
The heightened receptivity to tobacco advertising among youth high in novelty-seeking may be attributable to their greater need for stimulation and rewarding experiences," theorizes Audrain.
Fisher and her colleagues also showed that an antibody to L-selectin inhibited lab-grown trophoblasts from binding to uterine tissue harvested during the window of receptivity.
Women who fail to get pregnant on the fourth attempt may well have receptivity defects, said Dr.
The level of receptivity you can expect from an audience varies widely--from the sincerely interested to those who consider you part of the lunatic fringe.
Receptivity to the XYZ concept is significantly higher than previously estimated.
Receptivity does not mean liking or agreeing with the new HMO rule or the surly teen, it means acknowledging that it is real, it is present, it has its own power.
13] Thinness of the endometrium is related to its functional receptivity, and when it becomes too thin, implantation does not occur.

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