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n the state of being open to the action of a drug or homeopathic remedy. See also reactivity.
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sup][7] Given its key role in successful implantation, predicting and improving endometrial receptivity is critical and may ultimately improve the pregnancy success rate of IVF-ET.
5 An evaluation of endometrial pattern; multi-layered marked with three lines or non-multi-layered, however, was not found to be of any significance in the determination of endometrial receptivity.
May there be an outpouring of "a more generic receptivity toward the impossible," that people "shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks," all "in defiance of ordinary causal regularities.
He noted that the multiple eggs generated by ovarian stimulation would increase release of the hormone estradiol from the ovary, which affects the receptivity of endometrial tissue.
In Europe, where perceived receptivity is generally high, 52% in Bulgaria say where they live is a good place for people with intellectual disabilities and 91% say this in the Netherlands.
This paper expands marketing perspectives on prior knowledge to dimensions relevant to social marketing issues by investigating the relationship between information receptivity and prior knowledge for a relevant social marketing example--AIDS.
As a Catholic, a woman, and a theologian, I know that receptivity in relation to God's gifts is part of the human, not just the feminine, vocation.
The students completed a questionnaire that assessed smoking habits, exposure to other smokers, receptivity to tobacco advertising, and the novelty-seeking personality trait.
Thus, 'wanting to receive impressions, Pater cannot decide where such receptivity lies, since it seems on the one hand a power of the fresh young body but on the other a power of the mature discriminating mind.
This study aims to explain how such receptivity to working abroad develops in young graduates, using young Australians as a sample.
Since the poor textual quality of the humanistic manuscripts and their receptivity to interpolated material are generally known, it would have helped the overall presentation if the author had said more at the outset about the indirect tradition, i.

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