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Sensitive or responsive to stimulus.
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a. Receiving or ready to receive penetration in sexual intercourse.
b. Receiving or ready to receive male gametes or nuclei during sexual reproduction: a receptive hypha; receptive stigmas.

re·cep′tive·ly adv.
re·cep′tive·ness, re′cep·tiv′i·ty n.
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IF (receptive IS hi AND discovery IS NOT hi AND memoiristic IS NOT hi AND significant IS NOT hi AND discovery IS NOT vh AND memoiristic IS NOT vh AND significant IS NOT vh) THEN receptive-learning IS hi Rules for the medium style (me)
PPT-WW 3.84 .053 2.30 86 .024 2.43 1.05 PPT-PW 0.433 .512 2.88 86 .005 2.39 0.83 95% CI LL UL PPT-WW 0.33 4.53 PPT-PW 0.74 4.04 Table 3: Descriptive Statistics of EG and CG on the Receptive Posttest n M SD SE RPT EG 44 208.43 16.70 2.52 CG 44 198.84 15.47 2.33 Total 88 202.14 16.34 1.74 95% CI LL UL Min.
This study involved all gay or bisexual men who went to an STD clinic and reported having receptive anal sex (being the bottom) in the past year All such men get a standard diagnostic test (called a culture) that looks for chlamydia and gonorrhea in rectal samples.
However, our survey data suggests that women may be more receptive than men to learning more about tax-advantaged products - so advisors can build trust by helping them address this perceived knowledge gap.
What can be added to the whole hosts of incidental vocabulary learning research is to differentiate between the notions of Receptive and Productive vocabularies in assessing learners' lexicon knowledge (Waring, 2000) by two forms of gloss during the incidental process of vocabulary learning.
A former official with the central bank of Japan has said that the apex bank would become more receptive to political pressures.
The awareness level in people (men and women) who reported to practice receptive anal intercourse was abysmally low.
They identified which females were currently receptive to male sexual attention and which were not.
Receptive Reason: Alexander of Aphrodisias on Material Intellect, MIIRA TUOMINEN
BANGKOK, THAILAND -- Expressive and receptive language abilities are significantly lower in 3-year-olds who were exposed to sodium valproate in utero than they are in children who were exposed to other individual antiepileptic drugs during gestation, according to a subanalysis of the Neurodevelopmental Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs study.
Examining the Relationship between Receptive Vocabulary Size and Written Skills of Primary School Learners