receptaculum chyli

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 [re″sep-tak´u-lum] (L.)
a receptacle or container.
receptaculum chy´li cisterna chyli.
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cis·ter·na chy·'li

a dilated sac at the lower end of the thoracic duct into which the intestinal trunk and two lumbar lymphatic trunks open; it occurs inconsistently and when present is located posterior to the aorta on the anterior aspect of the bodies of the first and second lumbar vertebrae.
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receptaculum chyli

Inferior, pear-shaped, expanded portion of the lower end of the thoracic duct, near the first and second lumbar vertebrae, into which the right and left lumbar trunks, an intestinal trunk, and some thoracic vessels empty. Synonym: cisterna chyli
See also: receptaculum
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