receive bandwidth

re·ceive band·width

(rĕ-sēv' band'width)
magnetic resonance imaging Range of frequencies sampled during readout.
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Customers can opt for public IP connectivity and receive bandwidth of their choice with unlimited data allocations.
The next generation ODH4 Interrogator Unit will also have a wider receive bandwidth, finer spatial resolution and greater programmable flexibility so it can be operated simultaneously in one or more acquisition modes.
The WIFI Xtreme, meanwhile, ensures complete and seamless WiFi coverage throughout the home so that all devices receive bandwidth for surfing and streaming.
Therefore, we implement a V-channel module that can receive bandwidth information provided to the NIC along with communication to the driver using ioctl.
Echo spacing is a value determined by the receive bandwidth, matrix size and field of view (FOV).
Microwave filters are used to carve individual channels out of the wide transponder receive bandwidth.
Also includes permissive trip logic, self-diagnostics, sequence of events integrated module with rpm, 10w guard, 10w trip, 200 hz receive bandwidth (shift = +/- 100 hz), line frequency 60 hz.