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Upstairs in the room next to her own a long, spare form began to uncurl itself in bed; a face with a receding chin and a small forehead raised itself reluctantly from the pillow, and Claude Nutcombe Boyd signalized the fact that he was awake by scowling at the morning sun and uttering an aggrieved groan.
His red, bloated face, bleary eyes and bulbous nose bespoke the manner of his life; while his thick lips, the lower hanging large and flabby over his receding chin, indicated the base passions to which his life and been given.
Abnormal dentition, beaked nose, receding chin, and exophthalmos are the typical facial features in these patients.
* Have certain physical attributes, such as a deviated septum, a receding chin, an abnormally narrow airway, or enlarged tonsils or adenoids.
And on the adjoining wall hung Van Dyck's large full-length of the Duchess herself, with her young son, and we could see for ourselves the same light brown hair, rounded jawline and unfortunate small receding chin.
We remember a good actor who thought he should be playing lead roles, but producers disagreed with him because he had a receding chin. So, he languished in frustrationuntil in an act of "tough love," a friend (yours truly) bluntly told him the painful truth.
She had severe convex profile with a receding chin and a prominent nose (fig-1) and a class II division I malocclusion.
Weak chin: One Dutch study found that when people were shown photos of faces with a small or receding chin, they automatically labeled them as shy and indecisive.
Another procedure involves moving the bone forward to build up a receding chin," says Dr Khazanchi.
On examination he was conscious, had a weak cry, coarse facies, receding chin and cleft palate (Figure 1).
It had a receding chin. Its brain--about 23 cubic inches in volume--was just one-fourth as big as a modern human brain.
As rendered in artists' paint she is a serious woman with rather strong features, apart from a slightly receding chin, and a decidedly cerebral presence.