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Rebound insomnia induced by abrupt withdrawal of hypnotics in sleep-disturbed rats.
It very vital to be aware that you might have some short-term rebound Insomnia for a few days, post you stop taking the sleeping pills
But I recommend you avoid sleep medications--these may have side effects, such as rebound insomnia, once you stop taking them.
Side effects may include daytime sedation, anterograde amnesia, sleepwalking, sleep-related eating disorder, respiratory depression, and in some cases, rebound insomnia.
Unfortunately, these hypnotic agents cannot induce physiological sleep and in particular their chronic use is related to the development of drug tolerance, rebound insomnia, physical withdrawal symptoms when quitting, sedation, anorexia, anxiety, agitation, tremors, convulsions, and physical and psychological addiction.
Of special interest is Rozerem is not expected to exhibit rebound insomnia, memory impairment, respiratory depression, drug abuse, dependence, and withdrawal as by some of the benzodiazepine receptor agonists.
Treatment Duration: Screening period to determine eligibility and establish baseline sleep parameters, 15 days (nights), followed by 2 days (nights) of placebo to assess rebound insomnia (occurrence of insomnia worse than at baseline after stopping treatment)
A valerian-hops combination reported no serious adverse effects or cases of rebound insomnia. (20,21)
Pharmacotherapy is currently the most common treatment modality for insomnia, (5) but long-term use of hypnotics in chronic insomnia can become complicated by drug tolerance, dependence or rebound insomnia. Since insomnia is a chronic condition, long-term and safe treatments are warranted.
Nonpharmacologic interventions are the preferred method for treating insomnia in older adults due to risks associated with the use of sedating drugs, including delirium, dependency, rebound insomnia, falls, and hip fractures (Flaherty, 2008).
"We found that the patients who had been taking suvorexant for 12 months and were switched to placebo saw their insomnia return, but clinically meaningful withdrawal symptoms and rebound insomnia did not emerge.