reasonable fee

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reasonable fee,

n the fee charged by a dental professional for a specific dental procedure that has been modified by the nature and severity of the condition being treated and by any medical or dental complications or unusual circumstances; therefore may differ from the dental professional's “usual” fee or the benefit administrator's “customary” fee.
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THE COURTS FIN it especially difficult to determine reasonable fees for accounting services, the study found.
The book is also useful for lawyers interested in collecting a reasonable fee or staying out of trouble in the first place.
Our research indicates overdraft programs are deeply appreciated by a large majority of account holders, who would rather pay their bank one reasonable fee ($17 to $35; average, $22.
We certainly are not saying that there should not be a reasonable fee for access to this information, however, to arbitrarily double the cost without substantial evidence of need is something that is harmful to the insurers and their policyholders," Livingston concluded.
Mortgage lenders are willing to pay higher fees based on complexity of an appraisal assignment, but not on the appraiser's experience and education: however, appraisers who have a professional designation are more likely to be hired, according to a study on customary and reasonable fees released Aug.
Reasonable fees incurred in making this calculation should be met by the local authority.
In regard to customary and reasonable fees, the FHA states that the marketplace "best determines" what is reasonable and customary.
4 percent starting April 1, reflecting an October ruling by the state Supreme Court that claimant attorneys must be granted reasonable fees in workers' comp cases.
The regents argue that top salaries are needed to keep the top educators and administrators, while ignoring the greater truth that reasonable fees are necessary to attract the best students.
After three years of unsuccessful negotiations, the lawsuit seeks to establish reasonable fees and terms for licenses giving stations the right to publicly perform music in BMI's repertory.
Because of the increase in the number of these plans, many consulting and insurance companies now offer design and compliance services at quite reasonable fees.
Reasonable fees incurred in compiling this information should also be met by the local authority.

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