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A restructuring, for example, in a molecule.
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Endomines AB (STO:ENDO), a mining and exploration company with its primary focus on gold, announced on Wednesday the execution of transactions relating to the rearrangement and repayment of its bank debt.
Then the researchers tried it in a human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line that had a different chromosomal rearrangement.
ETV6-NTRK3 is a common chromosomal rearrangement in radiation-associated thyroid cancer.
What people really didn't understand was how it rearranged--the actual steps in the rearrangement," says University of Regina theoretical chemistry professor Allan East.
Synthetic organic chemists describe how molecular rearrangement reactions can meet challenges in the synthesis of complex molecular structures, including biologically active natural products.
Summary: Here we have studied the rearrangement of 5-methyl-3-nitrosoindolizine derivatives in the presence of K2CO3.
Chromosome translocation, also known as chromosome rearrangement, is an abnormality caused by exchange of parts between non-homologous chromosomes.
We used a gold standard multiplex PCR protocol provided by European Biomedicine and Health (BIOMED-2) Concerted Action Project BMH4-CT98-3936 for improvement of diagnosis and analysis of clonality gene rearrangement in lymphoma malignancies.
For simplicity, our simulations and findings are presented in the positive strand orientation and restricted to the evaluation of a single chromosome rearrangement.
This Lewis acid catalyzed rearrangement offers several advantages over current technology: 1) it lends itself towards developing an asymmetric variant of this transformation via the use of a chiral Lewis acid or a metal salt with chiral ligand additives, 2) the exclusion of n-BuLi to promote the reaction will result in a broader substrate scope by allowing acidic or electrophilic functional groups to be present in the molecule, and 3) this rearrangement is an environmentally friendly alternative to the Overman rearrangement.
We intense to provide our best in order to make rearrangement easy and smooth.
Their bioengineered follicles showed restored hair cycles and piloerection through the rearrangement of follicular stem cells and their niches.