realm of Spirit

realm of Spirit,

n according to Native American culture, a term that refers to the unconscious world that belongs to an individual or a group of people. Pertinent information is passed from this world to the patient and the healer. Persons can gain access to this otherworldly region through dreams and during the Sweat Lodge and other ceremonies, Cree Kos pahcikéwin or ‘shaking tent’ or Lakota Yuwipi, during which spiritual beings are believed to communicate with the healer. See also Sweat Lodge Ceremony and Lakota Yuwipi.
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With that, the gates of consciousness fly open and the realm of spirit bursts through, propelling the Agranovich clan on a rollercoaster ride full of mystical visions, spiritual insights and shocking premonitions.
Because of this continuity, the same duplicity we have found in the concept of nature nature as externality and nature as implicitly spiritual--is replicated within the realm of spirit.
Human reason alone could never reach the realm of Spirit.
When Melanie crosses over to the Half World, she realizes that she must restore balance between the Realm of Flesh, the Realm of Spirit and the Half World if she wants to save her mother .
I would have to find it in that place of inner silence, the realm of spirit.
In this case the journeyer initiates contact by crossing over from this physical plane into the invisible realm of spirit.
When Israeli youth return home, it is not surprising that some begin to seek their own Judaism outside the dichotomies of secular and Orthodox that they have been offered, becoming more open to the realm of spirit that is within all of us.
A consistent method structured practically everything Emerson wrote--a method of phenomenological description which presupposed a modified Platonic universe in which the surd historical facts of the material universe express the universal unchanging laws of the transcendent realm of Spirit.
The Realm of Spirit (1) is the fourth and final volume in Santayana's multi-volume, The Realms of Being.
Santayana's examination of the realm of spirit both chronologically and logically follows his treatment of the realm of matter, "for spirit is but a witness to the (material) cosmic dance; in respect to that agitation, it is transcendental and epiphenomenal.
My father assured me there was nothing to be scared of, that the masqueraders were the same kids I'd been playing with the day before, that it was all part of a secret society that connected us to the realm of spirits.
In a sense, the story concerns the revelation or formation of a realm of spirits more than it concerns dying itself.