real-time imaging

'real-time' imaging

 Visualization of a dynamic process µsecs after occurring, which requires rapid information processing–ie, as the process occurs, as in 'B' mode ultrasound
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14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Pleora Technologies and, respective leaders in sensor networking and artificial intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership that simplifies the introduction of machine learning capabilities into real-time imaging applications.
CCM enables real-time imaging of the corneal nerve fibers and identifies nerve damage in a growing list of peripheral and central neurodegenerative conditions.
ExactVU provides real-time imaging and biopsy guidance for the prostate.
The camera, developed by researchers at Caltech and INRS, was named 'T-CUP' and set the world record for real-time imaging speed.
The LungVision system introduces a novel real-time imaging tool to the bronchoscopy suite.
AVANTE's Rail Visibility System solution is designed to provide real-time imaging visibility of rail crossings and curving rail sections to provide advanced visibility to engineers.
Real-time imaging allows scientists to see subsurface processes and solutions as they occur, such as remediation processes that are working to limit the movement of contaminants below the surface and toward water resources.
A follow-up study presented at a meeting of the American Urology Association demonstrated the potential for the new technique to be performed in clinics using a device called the Artemis, which performs real-time imaging using a fusion of both magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound.
The Lebanon-based company is developing technology capable of real-time imaging of radiation therapy to cancer patients during treatment.
And they are likely to be commercialised in the near future for a variety of spectroscopic and real-time imaging applications, possibly in the form of fast multi-pixel THz cameras.
In a first-of-its-kind field trial that began July 1,2014, six emergency services vehicles in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area have been equipped with Samsung tablet-based ultrasound systems to provide real-time imaging of on-scene trauma patients back to clinicians in hospital facilities.
Also, none are highly effective at providing real-time imaging of movement such as peristalsis, which is the contraction of muscles that propels food through the small intestine.

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