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n the rightful ownership; the exclusive right to a thing.
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With over 28 years of real estate investment advisory experience, UBS Global Asset Management, Global Real Estate--US has more than $15.
New York has the world's most important real estate market.
The formation of Intramerica Real Estate Group and this sizable acquisition reflects the number of excellent real estate investment opportunities in Mexico and underscores our strong commitment to the market," said Joaquin de Monet, managing director for the Mexico region with GE Commercial Finance Real Estate.
Lank's ninth book on real estate covers topics from the relatively simple (the role of agents, the rules of real estate law and the mechanics of buying and selling) to the more complex (mortgages, how to buy, sell, and manage investment properties and taxes).
Confronted with a heap of bad loans that the bank had made, Gabriel got to see the business of real estate at its worst.
The Dow Jones Wilshire Global RESI includes publicly traded securities of real estate operating companies and real estate investment trusts.
Real estate is just one of many asset classes that fall into that "alternative" category, which includes pretty much everything that is not stocks, bonds, or cash.
A heavyweight in the New York real estate scene, Ross is chairman and CEO of The Related Companies L.
469(c)(7)'s flush language, when determining material participation, a taxpayer may elect to treat all interests in rental real estate activities as a single activity (discussed below), enabling him or her to more easily meet one of the tests.
There's "pressure and logic" behind the 10-year-long, industrywide trend of exiting from direct ownership of real estate, said Bernard Winograd, president of Prudential Investment Management and chairman of its real estate investment advisory business, Prudential Real Estate Investors.
The real estate division suggested converting the factory to white-collar use.

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