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Pertaining to a reagin.
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(re-a-jin, -gin) [Ger. Reagin, fr. reag(ieren), to react + -in]
A type of immunoglobulin E (IgE) present in the serum of atopic individuals that mediates hypersensitivity reactions. Synonym: sensitizing antibody

rapid plasma reagin

Abbreviation: RPR
A nonspecific serological test for syphilis. The RPR titer is elevated in most patients with syphilis (and falsely elevated in some patients with other diseases). The titer decreases or returns to normal after successful eradication of the disease.
reaginic (re-a-jin'ik, -gin'), adjective
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In 1967, two independent teams discovered that the reaginic antibody (regain) was IgE.
In this case, ragweed allergen specific IgG antibodies, which are non allergy producing, as opposed to the reaginic allergy provoking IgE antibodies, are produced.
The reaginic titer was read as the reciprocal of the greatest dilution giving a colored spot of at least 5 mm in diameter.
"The radia-allergo-sorbant test (RAST) in the in vitro diagnosis of multiple reaginic allergy.