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Olympus Unveils New Reagent Kit with Single Molecular
Nowadays, Mirus Bio is the leading manufacturer of transfection reagents for chemical and/or electroporation delivery of DNA, RNA, siRNA, miRNA, and other nucleic acids.
This low toxicity reagent allows cells to stay healthy and metabolically active during transfection-based experiments, even at low cell densities, facilitating experiments where extended application of a treatment is needed.
Maintaining the inventory (either periodic counting or a perpetual system): Most laboratories periodically determine the quantity on hand (QOH) by counting reagent and supply containers.
Aminoglycoside interference in the pyrogallol red-molybdate protein assay is increased by the addition of sodium dodecyl sulfate to the dye reagent [Letter].
Typically, to evaluate a new reagent, a laboratory should perform a minimum of 20 to 50 tests.
To enter such a lucrative in-vitro diagnostic reagent market, the first obstacle faced by overseas in-vitro diagnostic reagents manufacturers and producers is how to file the application for their imported in-vitro diagnostic reagent registration with Chinese regulatory authorities for in-vitro diagnostic reagents.
Two new high-performance reagents deliver more viable cells, help accelerate cellular and molecular research efforts
In 2008, the scale of Chinese diagnostic reagent market was about 600 million USD with the growth speed of 15 to 20 percent in recent years.
World Clinical Chemistry Analyzers & Reagents Market