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Etymology: AS, raedan, to advise
(of a computer) to retrieve or transfer data from some storage location or medium, such as a disk.


Grantley, English physician, 1890-1959.
Read method - psychoprophylactic method of prepared childbirth.
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Reading between the lines in the quotation from the slave Paul Jennings, can you make inferences about the era or his relationship to the Madisons?
Reading between the lines, the underlying meaning of modernization in this work is Americanization: "I have seen the future and it is American.
Insofar as Dowling sees Milton writing "between the lines" for learned readers, he might have engaged (even briefly) with Annabel Patterson's recent consideration of reading between the lines as a political strategy in her historically-oriented book, Reading Between the Lines (1993), which contains several substantial chapters on Milton.
It's not that I avoid definitive quotes, but probably the reason I choose to "quote" in the way I do is because I'm reading between the lines and working against the context the writer originally intended for the quotes to have in the text.
Reading between the lines of the snide and skeptical environmental reporting of The Washington Post and The New York Times over the last year, one senses ambitious reporters hoping to make a name for themselves, and cynical editors crawling onto the latest rhetorical bandwagon to differentiate themselves from the pack, all at the expense of truth and accurate reporting.

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