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Etymology: AS, raedan, to advise
(of a computer) to retrieve or transfer data from some storage location or medium, such as a disk.


Grantley, English physician, 1890-1959.
Read method - psychoprophylactic method of prepared childbirth.
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Advanced students would find this audiobook useful primarily as a companion to the text, where it provides an approachable introduction to the complexity of myth, literary scholarship and the fine art of reading between the lines.
He argues that "There must always be a certain amount of reading between the lines to get the full BIS message.
The couple are in the Caribbean resort of Antigua - although reading between the lines, a trip to the library might have been just as much fun.
The Dodgers don't need you reading between the lines just because they announced that their ``Community Caravan,'' otherwise known as the ``Extreme Makeover Road Show,'' makes its first 2005 offseason trek today in, of all places, that city in Orange County that flat out says it hates the name Los Angeles.

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