readiness potential

readiness potential,

n a change in the electrical activity of the brain that occurs before the subject's conscious decision to move a muscle.
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During the visit, in addition to various social calls and friendly sports fixtures, the two navies would take part in a joint Human Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise, aimed at enhancing the readiness potential to manage natural and man-made disasters.
Using state-of-the-art measurement techniques, the researchers tested whether people are able to stop planned movements once the readiness potential for a movement has been triggered.
The site selection process will look at its readiness potential for redevelopment in terms of location, infrastructure, and environmental threats present.
Libet's main aim was to establish a link between people's subjective feelings of volition and unconscious readiness potential.
Libet demonstrated, therefore, that readiness potentials (RPs) precede voluntary actions, and that people's conscious intention to perform an act occurs after preparations to execute that act have been put in motion.
They draw on neuroscience research to explain such mind-body conundrums as the readiness potential paradox in which the brain activity linked to an action occurs slightly before it.
Because the readiness potential occurs 500 to 1,000 milliseconds earlier, libet's findings suggested that the neural preparation for the action actually occurs 300 to 800 milliseconds before the reported time of conscious experience.
11) This is referred to as a readiness potential that maps blood activity of the brain when a person first senses an intention to move a limb and the actual moment they move it.
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