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Grantley, English physician, 1890-1959.
Read method - psychoprophylactic method of prepared childbirth.
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ABALLET class for the over 65s, a comedy workshop, thoughtprovoking drama and the chance to learn how to read minds - they're all on offer at the Lawrence Batley Theatre's first-ever festival to showcase new performers and help those eager to hone their skills.
The act is based on an apparent telepathic ability which they call 'The Gift' which allows the pair to read minds. Volunteers are asked to write down facts such as names and numbers that should be known only to them.
In addition to monitoring people's every move, The Witness can read minds. Trouble arises, though, when an off-the-grid writer named Diana Hunter is brought in for interrogation and dies while in custody.
I read minds, see - it's a problem I've had since I was clobbered on the head.
Nine (Cecily Strong) can read minds but her side effect is farting, and Five (Pete Davidson) can run really fast but he gets an erection every time it happens.
The study was able to identify variants in women's chromosome 3 that help explain their increased ability to read minds. So, men can take comfort from the fact that it's in her genes, which she cannot really take credit for.
Society is divided into 'Normals' and 'Teeps', telepathic mutants who can read minds.
That said, I wouldn't want to read minds. I've got enough problems of my own without having to cope with anyone else's."
Psychologists read minds, chef Pradeep reads palates.
"Society Rock couldn't read minds and won nicely, and we're looking forward to the weekend when Tom Queally will ride."
Brain-computer interfaces do not read minds in the sense of extracting information from unsuspecting or unwilling users but enable users to act on the world by using brain signals rather than muscles.