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the process or property of reacting.
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1. The property of reacting, chemically, immunologically or in any other sense.
2. The process of reacting.
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1. The property of reacting, chemically or in any other sense.
2. The process of reacting.
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Patient discussion about reactivity

Q. Does anyone have experience treating reactive arthritis? symtoms: bladder incontence, sore joint, eye irritation, cracked fingers and lips

A. The management of reactive arthritis usually starts with pain killers and injection of steroids into the joints, and if necessary, stronger medications. Due to the severity of this condition, consulting a doctor may be wise.

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Value/Reactivity/Complexity Matrix Activity Characteristics Sourcing Design Value Reactivity Complexity Low Low Low Outsourcing Low Low High Low High Low High High Low High Low Low High High High In-house High Low High Low High High
Our purpose was to evaluate PMDI prepolymer reactivity and shorter pressing times.
Thus, there is a nice agreement between the results describing the local reactivity of the dansylglycine molecule provided by Fukui functions, dual descriptor [DELTA]f (or its condensed counterpart), and the Parr functions.
For this reason the uncertainty and sensitivity analysis with regard to the estimation of void reactivity feedback is accomplished in this study as well.
The OD was recorded at 405 nm by the microtiter reader to provide quantitative antibody reactivity levels and compared with control wells.
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for Demonstration of Immune Reactivity. Food antigens and peptides were dissolved in PBS or methanol at a concentration of 1.0 mg/mL and then diluted 1 : 100 in 0.1 M carbonate-bicarbonate buffer at a pH of 9.5 and 100 [micro]L was added to each well of the polystyrene flat-bottom ELISA plate.
Our study found a moderate negative correlation ( r = −0.511, P < 0.001) between TEG and VerifyNow in evaluating platelet reactivity. The result is shown in [Figure 1].{Figure 1}
Even now, controversies over the standards remain, [19] especially in 'mood reactivity'.
Results: Our results showed that 0.25 Msucrose, 0.04 Mtrehalose and 0.5% BSA had the most protective effect on maintaining the reactivity of mAbs (S3) against conformational epitopes of rHBsAg.
Heightened cognitive reactivity to normal, transient changes in sad mood is an established marker of vulnerability to depression and is considered an important target for interventions.
(4) In a recent study, Mukhopadhyay and Katzenstein (2) noted that polyclonal Napsin A (p-Napsin A) antibody has a significantly higher nonspecific reactivity in several nonpulmonary/nonrenal carcinomas compared with monoclonal Napsin A (m-Napsin A) antibody.

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