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1. Capable of participating in a chemical reaction.
2. Emotionally or psychologically responsive.
3. Of antibodies and some allergic and immune illnesses, triggered by an antigen.
4. Inflammatory.

Patient discussion about reactive

Q. Does anyone have experience treating reactive arthritis? symtoms: bladder incontence, sore joint, eye irritation, cracked fingers and lips

A. The management of reactive arthritis usually starts with pain killers and injection of steroids into the joints, and if necessary, stronger medications. Due to the severity of this condition, consulting a doctor may be wise.

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Proactiveness was defined as the trait of taking the initiative to deal with a problem, or as the antonym of reactiveness. This part included 10 statements focusing on the readiness of the subject to initiate activity, and not to wait and react to something that has already happened.
The reactiveness of US Southeast Asia policy was on even greater display in trade and economic policy.
agency--its reactiveness, its lack of reliance on data, and its practice
It is argued that assertiveness is an inherent dimension of strategy-making which concerns the levels of risk-taking and reactiveness or proactiveness of decisions (Miller, 1987; Koberg et al, 1993).
Its tasks include fostering the individual's flexibility in reducing dissonance between person and work, activeness in changing work, reactiveness in changing self, perseverance in tolerating incongruity, congruence between work interest and job choice, fitting to others' expectation and behaviour, and fit between demand and ability and need and supply involving the self and work (Brown 1990; Fitzgerald et al.
* Baseline hormone data concerning clients' reactiveness to stress would allow practitioners to better understand and thereby create more directed interventions in clients' thinking and decisionmaking processes related to involvement in bullying situations.
Such flexibility and reactiveness to customer needs is paramount, from order to delivery.
Vitality, nerve activity, organic functioning, reactiveness are at their best, when we are really interested and in contact with what we are doing.
Moreover, the unplanned reactiveness of the Town type suggested above will find itself repeated in the Suburban tendency to "act without preparation ...
In this context, the greatest reactiveness of noncrystalline minerals towards NaF solution (Perrott et al.
There are two potential problems with this method: potential reactiveness (although research indicates that this problem may not be that large) and use over longer periods of time.
"We all felt that this studio was a Little conservative but now there's a reactiveness that didn't happen before."