reactive lesion

re·ac·tive le·sion

(rē-aktiv lēzhŭn)
Painless production of hyperplastic tissue resulting from a repair response.
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Lower-power frozen section appearance of neoplastic versus reactive lesion.
8] The peripheral odontogenic fibroma must be differentiated histologically from POF, which is a reactive lesion, and from the peripheral ameloblastoma and the calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor which are benign odontogenic tumors.
On magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the cervical spine she was noted to have a large reactive lesion at the C1-C2 junction causing brainstem compression.
It is a tumor-like reactive lesion frequently located in the skin.
1-3) It is a nodular reactive lesion that develops in response to chronic irritation and has no gender or racial predilection.
INTRODUCTION: Peripheral giant cell granuloma is a relatively frequent benign reactive lesion of the oral cavity, originating from the periosteum or periodontal membrane following local irritation or chronic trauma.
Of the 50 patients examined and submitted to FNAB, 18 patients (36%) had benign neoplasms (BN), 13 patients (26%) had non-neoplastic proliferative lesions (NNPL), 11 patients (22%) had malignant lesions (ML), seven patients (14%) showed an inflammatory process (IP) and one patient (2%) had reactive lesion (RL).
Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour of paranasal sinuses with fatal outcome: Reactive lesion or tumour?
It is a reactive lesion to some type of irritant, trauma, or hormonal response.
Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma is one such reactive lesion for which the etiology is unclear.

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